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Wrapping Luggage

The service offered by Daleo Rent a Car for those who want to travel from Bacau airport consists of packing and securing luggage by semi-automatic application of several layers of recycled polyethylene foil recyclable through specialized equipment, followed by baggage sealing using a self-adhesive label containing additional identification elements of the luggage holder. The whole packing process takes less than a minute, the result being a resistant and compact protective layer on the entire surface of the luggage.

Almost all types of luggage can be processed in this system regardless of shape, weight or size (eg: prams, bicycles, skis, handcrafted furniture, fragile items, etc.).

The service can be purchased directly from Bacau airport for the amount of 25 RON with cash or card payment.

Passenger benefits

  • prevents illicit interventions on luggage and packages
  • offers effective protection of luggage and packages
  • the possibility of securing atypical and oversized luggage
  • additional identification elements of the owner

Advantages of airlines

  • increases the security of airport operations and flight
  • reduces the number of complaints regarding passenger luggage
  • additional identification elements of the owner
  • efficient way to retain passengers

Advantages of travel agencies

  • completes the range of services usually offered to tourists
  • efficient way to retain the agency’s clients
  • possibility of advertising on the label applied to luggage
  • possibility of selling service on a commission basis

Medium benefits

  • the foil is fully recyclable
  • the foil is made from recycled materials
  • the foil is non-toxic and non-flammable
  • under normal conditions the foil is chemically inert

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