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Top winter destinations in Romania

Holidays at Balea Lac and the Ice Hotel

The hotel is a large igloo built of ice cubes from Lake Balea, which is a very difficult operation. The first room is the restaurant whose furniture is of course made of ice. The ice hotel at Bâlea Lac has 15 rooms, each of the rooms has in front an ice guard and furniture carved in ice.

The beds are covered with thick beds, furs and pillows. It is a real experience for everyone who comes here. What you can also visit here is the Ice Church where if you are lucky you will be able to take part in a service.

In general, the hotel is fully booked for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and guests are foreign tourists. The price for one night accommodation is around 100 euros.

However, the ice construction can also be visited by tourists who have not made a reservation. The ticket costs 15 lei for adults and 10 lei for children.

Holidays in Slanic Moldova
Slănic-Moldova will surprise you not only with its carbonated and sulfurous springs that were discovered in 1801, but also with beautiful panoramas and the most ozonated air in Romania.

Over time, the qualities of these springs have been confirmed by various institutions abroad being compared to the mineral waters of Vichy, Aix-le-Bains or Karlovy Vary.

Slănic-Moldova is located 80 kilometers from Bacău and to get there you have to take the city of Onești as a landmark.

Moreover, the Slănic-Moldova resort has a saline climate, being located not far from Târgu Ocna. Also, hiking lovers can explore the gorges and the Slănicului waterfall, along the “300 stairs” route, where they will be able to admire wild landscapes of rare beauty.

Holiday at Bran Castle
Bran Castle is also famous abroad due to the famous character Dracula. It is one of the most beautiful castles in Romania and can be visited in winter. Regarding the amusements in the mini amusement park from Bran, there is an ice rink plus the ski slope from Zanoaga located at a distance of 3km from Bran.

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Romania, a wonderful place, right in the heart of the mountains. Thus, it is not surprising that this is one of the favorite locations for the upcoming December 1 holiday, tourists are always surprised by the beauty here, along with all sorts of excellent routes that they can explore.

Holiday at Baile Felix
Baile Felix is ​​an excellent choice for those who want a very relaxing December 1st vacation.

The water lily lake is the most well-known tourist attraction of Băile Felix resort. This is a unique tourist attraction in Europe, due to the fact that the development of water lilies here is a total mystery. It is assumed that the seeds of these flowers were brought to Băile Felix by the Turks or the migratory birds.

Băile Felix resort is dominated by thermal pools, where water is collected and used for its excellent healing properties both in treating various ailments and in post-traumatic recovery.

For those who are passionate about hiking, Şomleu Hill is an ideal destination.

Holidays in Predeal
Predeal is the city located at the highest altitude in Romania!

Are you in love with the mountains? Then you must take advantage of the holiday and spend an excellent stay in Predeal. Here there are no less than eight ski slopes, only good for winter sports enthusiasts. Of course, those who do not want to display their talent on the slopes can enjoy relaxing rides (with or without ATVs) and fresh mountain air.

Holidays in Brasov
One of the most beautiful cities in the country and, of course, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Romania is the city of Brasov.

Here you will find a lot of excellent tourist attractions such as the beautiful Historic Center, Council Square, Black Church, Sforii Street, Weavers’ Bastion, Schei Gate, Catherine Gate, Black Tower and more. Also, here you will find restaurants with delicious dishes, welcoming cafes and more.

Poiana Brasov is an ideal location to be visited during the winter, with 12 ski slopes, with different degrees of difficulty. The landscape is magnificent especially in winter.

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