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Rental conditions

General conditions

The client is asked to read the Rental Agreement and confirm the acceptance by signing it. It must meet all the conditions set out below. The owner reserves the right to refuse to rent a car without explanation.

Customer age

The client must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driving license, with a seniority of more than 1 year. If the customer is under 21 years of age, a warranty greater than the minimum warranty provided for the car is required, the amount being reimbursed only upon return of the car in good working order and body, with all documents, accessories and equipment .

Fuel and oil

Fuel is not included in the price and is the responsibility of the customer. The machine is usually delivered with the tank full, and will be recovered in the same condition. If, when handing over the car, it is found that it is not full, its equivalent value can be paid. The oil and maintenance of the vehicle are the responsibility of the owner.

Delivery and recovery of the rented car

Delivery and return of the car is made at our Office – Daleo Rent a Car, in the building of the International Airport “George Enescu” Bacau, near the arrivals terminal, at no additional cost. For delivery or return to other localities in the country, the details will be established by mutual agreement and a relocation fee will be charged. The car will be delivered to the customer in good condition, any information on the conditions of presentation of the car being mentioned in the contract.

The customer will return the car together with the documents, accessories and equipment at the place, date and time specified in the Rental Agreement. In case of announced delays of up to one hour, no additional charges are charged.

Tariffs and payment method

The rates are set in euros, differentiated according to the type of car and the rental period. By filling in the data in the booking form you can find out the final rental price, with all discounts.

Payment is made in full upon receipt of the car, in euros or lei, at the exchange rate on the day of payment, cash or credit / debit card. If you make the reservation by filling in the form on the site, you can pay online, the entire amount or an advance of 15%, with credit / debit card, selecting the button – payment with the card.

If the car is delivered earlier than the last date in the contract, a voucher is granted for that period, which can be used for the next rental, valid for 12 months. If for justified reasons, the client requests a refund of the advance, the refund period is 14 days.

Warranty (Franchise) – When taking over the car, a guarantee between 200-700 € is required (depending on the type of car). The warranty will be used for penalties, in cases of damage found inside or outside the car, theft of car parts, loss of car documents or car keys, etc. This amount will be RETURNED to the recovery of the car in good working order and body, with all documents, accessories and equipment.

Using the rented car

The customer undertakes to drive the rented vehicle in compliance with the legal provisions on traffic on public roads, as well as the following rules:

  • He will not overload the car and use it for freight;
  • Do not use the car in racing, testing, or to push or tow other vehicles or trailers;
  • It will not carry out repairs on the car except at authorized car garages and only with the agreement and in accordance with the owner’s instructions, being reimbursed based on the presentation of the invoice issued on behalf of the owner, accompanied by the repair estimate;
  • Do not leave the car open (doors, windows, luggage compartment) or with the keys in contact;
  • Will use the vehicle in accordance with the instructions for use of the car issued by its manufacturer;
  • Do not drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs or drugs.

Failure to comply with these rules will lead to the retention of the warranty and the payment by the customer of the repairs related to bringing the vehicle in its initial operating condition.


The vehicle is insured for damage caused to third parties or the rented car only for the rental period specified in the Rental Agreement.

The lease may also contain other insurance clauses. Damage to the car driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs is fully borne by the customer.

The owner does not assume any responsibility for the objects left in the car during the rental period.

In case of accident, it is mandatory to report it to the Police, who will ascertain the damages and will issue the Minutes of Finding and the Repair Authorization. These documents are indispensable for the operation of the insurance and for the repair of the vehicle. The statement to the Police is mandatory in all cases: if you are guilty, if you are a victim, if you are alone involved, if the responsible party is not identified (eg parking damage in your absence). Without these documents the customer is responsible for the repair costs.

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